This site provides information about invasive species in the Arrowhead of northeastern Minnesota formed by Lake and Cook counties.


The Arrowhead region is bordered by Lake Superior to the east and south, Ontario, Canada to the north and St. Louis County to the west. Approximately 85% of Cook and Lake County is public land, much of it in the Superior National Forest and state forests. Due to the large amount of public land and the accompanying outdoor recreation opportunities, there is significant movement of tourists and seasonal residents throughout the year. Although there are currently fewer invasive species than in many more developed areas in the Great Lakes states, the introduction and spread of invasive species poses a serious threat to the region’s resources.

There are two collaborative groups working to control invasive species in the Arrowhead, the Cook County Invasives Team and the Lake County Invasives Team.

Recent Updates:

  • Learn how to treat invasive plants at an upcoming workshop.
  • See our calendar for upcoming events.
  • The Invasives Teams recently created a calendar that shows the best times to apply invasive plant treatments based on flowering times in NE Minnesota. Download and print the PDF here!