Native (Alder-leaved) Buckthorn

As non-native buckthorn steals a lot of negative press and our precious time, we wanted people to see Minnesota’s NATIVE Alder-leaved Buckthorn! We found it surveying in Toimi and thought you’d like it too! Also, be sure to report NON-NATIVE Buckthorn online with or with us at Lake Co SWCD. More info on native Alder-leaved Buckthorn […]

Red Swamp Crayfish Hitch a Ride through Michigan

Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) hitched a ride through Michigan. Look out! Courtesy of Tip of the MITT Watershed Council at “Red swamp crayfish are considered invasive in Michigan because they compete aggressively with native crayfish species for food and habitat. They feed on plants, insects, snails, juvenile fish and other crayfish, disrupting the […]

Giant Hogsweed

Invasive Species aren’t just a hazard to our natural resources- they can also be a hazard to human health! Check out this news story about a young man in the state of Virginia who suffered third-degree burns after coming into contact with Giant Hogsweed.…/virginia-giant-hogweed-burns-teenager/ This species hasn’t been found anywhere in Minnesota yet, but […]

AIS Early Detection Monitoring in Agate Bay

What does early detection monitoring for #AIS look like you ask? Our friends at Ashland Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office conduct early detection monitoring in each major ballast dumping harbor of Lake Superior during the open water season, including Agate Bay! Lake SWCD partners with area AIS folks including USFWS, and helped them out today. Preliminary finds included burbot, […]