Cook County Invasives Team

CCITLogoLand managers in Cook County have been working together informally on invasive species problems for several years but in the spring of 2011 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by local, state, federal, tribal, and non-profit organizations to officially form the Cook County Invasive Team (CCIT). This creates a framework for continued cooperation between member organizations and allows long-term invasive species strategies to be carried out across ecological, rather than political, boundaries. Through the CCIT, organizations can share resources, expenses, knowledge, contacts, and education to limit the impact of non-native species in north-eastern Minnesota.

The objectives of the CCIT as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding are:
1. Locate and inventory invasive species in Cook County, MN.
2. Provide education that assists in prevention and early detection of invasive species
3. Use an integrated approach to manage current infestations.
4. Seek funding opportunities to support CCIT partnership activities.
5. Participate on committees to help raise awareness, prioritize, and increase agency and group efforts to manage and control invasive species.

The CCIT is celebrating 5 years of battling invasive species in northeastern Minnesota. Find out what we have accomplished here.

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