Invasive crayfish at Fisherman’s Picnic

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are threatening Minnesota waters. These non-native species harm fish populations, water quality, and water recreation. AIS management has quickly become one of Minnesota’s biggest challenges. In Minnesota and especially in Cook County our lakes and streams are our livelihood fueling the tourism economy.  Although the scenario varies by lake and by species, it is clear that the easiest and most cost effective method is prevention.

A county aid tax bill was formed in 2014 to provide Minnesota counties funding to help prevent the spread of AIS. The amount of Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Aid is based on the number of public watercraft trailer boat launches and trailer boat parking spaces in each county. It is up to individual counties to decide how the funds are to be used and Cook County formed an AIS task force to outline and implement a prevention plan.


For more information, contact:

Amanda Weberg – Cook County AIS Coordinator                                                                           218.387.2792