Click on the plant name for identification and control information. County distribution maps are provided for individual species where available.


Highest Priority Species

The following species are listed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture as Noxious Weeds or Specially Regulated Plants and are found in the Minnesota Arrowhead.

credit - M. Lynch
credit – M. Lynch


For more information about invasive plant species listed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, click here.

 Other Targeted Species

These species display aggressive characteristics and are known to be extremely invasive in the region. These species currently (or are likely to) require a large scale response.

credit – M. Lynch


Species to Watch

These species are not currently found in the Arrowhead but they are highly aggressive and can be found in Minnesota or nearby states.


Other Species of Concern

These species display somewhat aggressive characteristics, and either are pervasive and naturalized within the Arrowhead, or pervasive and naturalized in similar environments within the region.

Campanula rapunculoides @ GM Vacant Lot 002
credit – A. Edgerton


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Cover photo by M. Lynch