Invasive Plant removal

The team at Lake SWCD has been recently working hard to remove the invasive plants of Buckthorn and Barberry throughout Lake County. These invasive plants drive out others that are native to the region, ultimately harboring nesting neighborhoods for rodents, which leads to spiked levels of Lymes disease and other related health issues. As if that’s not bad enough, Buckthorn can often times reduce property value!

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Pictured: Buckthorn (Invasive)


Are you interested in knowing if there are invasives on your land? For more information contact us at (218) 814-8370 for knowledge on identification and removal.

Outreach and Education

In February 2017, the Lake SWCD team moved into a new building! To celebrate, the team held an open house in June and invited the public to check out many of the ongoing projects by LCIT. Guests were served food and drink, along with some of the rusty crayfish caught by the AIS team!

In 2015, the LCIT worked with the Finland Community Center to engage youth at their summer camp and evening programs. Campers learned the importance of cleaning their shoes and equipment to avoid spreading invasive species and received a PlayCleanGo boot brush. Youth Night participants helped the Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District trap rusty crayfish and got to taste them at a crayfish boil.


Derrek Passe serving rusty crayfish at the Finland Community Center.

Sonja Smerud enjoying a rusty crayfish from her catch that morning.